What is CDS or CD? (English)

MMS is the name Jim Humble gave to the combination of chlorine dioxide (NaClO²) activated with citric acid at the time. Today we don’t utilize citric acid at 50%, we use hydrochloric acid (HCL) at 4% instead. To avoid confusion, we are going to call it CD, which stands for chlorine dioxide. CD is much milder and more efficient than the old MMS activated with citric acid at 50%, and it barely has any secondary effects, something which I will explain later.
Although it may seem hard to believe, there are some stories that seem to come out of a novel and challenge our capacity for suspension of disbelief.  In the past few years, Jim Humble’s story has had the greatest impact on me. He is a gold mining engineer who, quite by chance, seems to have found a cure for one of the worst infectious diseases in the world: malaria.  During a gold prospecting project in Guyana, 400 miles from any hospital in the middle of the jungle, his team contracted malaria. Not having been warned about this possibility, the team did not carry any drugs to treat malaria.

The only thing Jim Humble had was a water purifier and a disinfectant known as stabilized oxygen. In the end, he decided to give a few drops to his team, who were suffering fevers over 104 F, and delusional with malaria in full bloom. Imagine his surprise when he found them all gathered around the fire pit only four hours later, recovered from one of the worst infectious diseases in the world as if nothing had happened! Later on, he contracted malaria and the same formula also worked like a charm! I thought this story was so incredible that it was worth researching in greater depth.  So, who is Jim Humble?
I visited him in the Dominican Republic, where he lived. When I type his name in Google, I obtain 19 million results. I discovered then that Jim Humble is indeed true to his principles and has a pure intention to help humanity.  Hopefully, his contribution to humanity will come to be recognized as it has probably saved more lives than anyone on this planet.

Today, besides sharing a sincere friendship with Jim Humble, I also share the fact that we both have been independently researching chlorine dioxide in-depth for years, although I am not a member of his church.  My focus is on science.
When sodium chlorite (NaClO²) reaches the stomach, which contains hydrochloric acid (also known as HCL, muriatic acid, salt acid…), a reaction occurs between the two substances, which releases a gas called “chlorine dioxide” (CLO²).  The mixture of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid creates chlorine dioxide gas.  This gas, easily absorbed in water (and therefore also by the mucous membranes and blood serum), is responsible for these “miracle cures”. For this reason, Jim Humble initially gave it the name of “miracle solution”, because it not only worked on malaria but was also able to cure other diseases, initially without an apparent explanation.
One of the key aspects is that chlorine dioxide is extremely soluble in water without creating further chemical bonds.  It is a gas that actually dissolves completely in water.  This is because its molecular structure is very similar to the water molecule, and for this and other reasons it dissolves completely.
Chlorine dioxide is one of the most well-known disinfectants known to man because it is able to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses, and small-sized parasites across a wide pH range. It has been used for over 80 years to disinfect drinking water and has not caused any problems for all these years.  It is widely used in industry, including the food processing industry, for disinfection purposes.  It is also used to bleach paper and silk as it does not attack the material, but in extremely high concentration levels ∼5680 times higher, a concentration that has nothing to do with the typical ingested dose of taking a few milligrams orally.
CDS (CDL) is only pure water-guided gas, which is pH-neutral and has many advantages. Its main advantage is that even in higher doses it usually does not have the side effects of MMS and is explained in detail in my first book “CDS Health is Possible”.

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